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Integrally Colour Concrete

Integrally Colour Concrete

Full Depth Concrete Can Be Coloured Using S G Granular Pigments By Solomon Colours Inc. USA. This Pigment Need To Be Mixed During The Batching Of The Concrete In Proportion To The Cement Portion In The Concrete (Dosage: 1% - 4% Of The Cement Portion In Concrete) This Colour Concrete Can Be Polished Or Sealer With Different Type Of Sealer Based On The Usage Of The Floor. It Can Be Used For Interior Concrete & Exterior Concrete Too.

SG Granular Pigment

SG Granular Pigment Is An Excellent Free Flowing, Low Dusting Colour For Ready Mix And Manufactured Concrete Products Applications. 
SG Granular Pigment Are Free Flowing, Low Dusting Granular Pigment Designed To Provide Outstanding Colour Strength For Concrete.

Advantages Of 
SG Granular Pigment

  • Free Flowing And Very Low Dusting Granular Pigment
  • Formulated And Designed For Superior Performance And Consistent Pigment Dispersion A Wide Range Of Colours 
  • Consistent Metering From Batch To Batch – Reduces Human Error, Labour And Other Handling Cost.


  • Great For All Climates
  •   Exceptional Durability 
  •   Large Colour Selection 
  •   Colours Will Not Fade 
  •   Premium Quality Products 
  •   Easy To Use 
  •   Can Be Polished, Sealed Or Stamped Too.